The Weather Here

After much busyness, the blog is back up and we have about 6 weeks of entries to back fill. In the meantime, you can keep track of our live weather here . I’ll sort out a widget for the front page with a summary (and a breakdown of how I got it all working) but [...]

New Water Tank

Our new water tank has just arrived – all I had to do was move it into position and plumb it in. The tank is on one of the highest parts of the farm, in an old fertiliser bin, used when the farm airstrip was still in use to crop dust the farm. It only [...]

Hair Today

I decided today would be haircut day. With the help of Lou’s clippers old hair became new hair (low energy, low care and summer-cool). Now the weather’s getting cooler, I still like the hair the same way and the budget pair of clippers I bought have paid for themselves twice over already in saved hairdresser [...]