First Carrots

And not forgetting the spring onions. Our garden just got a little more useful with the first carrots of the season. There are plenty more to come and some purple heirloom varieties will be ready soon too.

Chickenopolis is Open

Our new laying hens arrived last week so I spent a few days building them a new house and enclosure. They seem to like their new accommodation and hopefully their appreciation will be in the form of lots of eggs. I designed the house to be made from 4 sheets of 15mm plywood and there [...]

First Snow on the Ranges

Woke up this morning to see snow on the Tararua Range (that explains the 3 degree temp). Winter feels just around the corner.

Hi Dave!

Darina’s Quick Soda Bread

So my favourite cooking book in the world is Stephanie Alexander’s Cook’s Companion – if you only ever buy one cookbook, this is it, seriously. I’ve just discovered a recipe for soda bread that’s quick and easy, but still delicious. Stephanie credits Darina Allen for the recipe, so I’ll credit them both here. Darina’s quick [...]

Garden Update

The garden is doing well and with recent rain I’m not having to water quite so much. We’ve been harvesting spinach, lettuce, beetroot and lots of herbs. The carrots and corn are almost ready to pick and I’ve just planted onions in the near garden.