Green Tomatoes and Corn

No it’s not a recipe (although I’ll see what I can find) it’s the last of our corn from the garden and the first (and only) tomatoes this year. I planted both around Xmas when we arrived and I was surprised the corn ripened but not surprised the tomatoes didn’t. I’ve got some green tomato [...]

New Look Lifeboat Blog

It wasn’t really my intention to spend a Saturday night (and much of Sunday) rebuilding the blog on a new platform, but stuff happens sometimes. What was supposed to be a simple upgrade of the Joomla platform turned into a nightmare. The new version didn’t support the older plugins (despite documentation saying it did) and [...]

Stables Fit-Out

With Winter rapidly approaching I’ve been fitting our our 3 bay shed with stalls for the older ponies. As you can see, the biggest challenge is clearing out all the accumulated stuff – the wood, horse gear, wood, junk, and did I mention wood? The shed is mostly clear and I’ve put up some of [...]

Happy 300th Chicken Rescuer!

The Chicken Rescue Network is a wee project I set up about 18 months ago after we had re-homed some ex battery hens from the SPCA. It’s just clicked over the 300 member mark and we have re-homed more than 400 chickens, roosters (and the odd duck). It’s a very small drop in the ocean [...]

Friday Night Pizza Frenzy

Friday nights have become our “bad food” nights but with the nearest takeaway a 30 minute round trip we’ve adapted to making our own (not a bad thing really). One of the few things we really miss about Auckland is our beloved Dante’s Pizza. While my humble efforts don’t measure up to Kev and Tanya’s [...]

Perfect Autumn Day

After a light frost last night we’ve got this outlook this morning. Just beautiful, if still a little crisp.

Jerualsem Artichoke Soup

We found some Jerusalem artichokes at the farmers market this week and Karen had fond memories of them in soup. We found this recipe in the Cook’s Companion and it’s now one of my new favourites. Jerusalem artichokes are actually part of the sunflower family, not artichokes and they grow from tubers, like potatoes. August [...]

The Cook’s Companion

If you only ever buy one book for the kitchen, you could do a lot worse than Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Companion. The subtitle is ‘’the complete book of ingredients and recipes for the Australian kitchen’’ and she is not wrong (apart from the Australian bit as it seems to adapt to the NZ kitchen [...]


With Winter approaching we took advantage of Karen’s parents visiting to enlist Anne into curtain making duties. We managed to get the entire house sorted, including four roman blinds – quite an effort. As chief measurer and cutter I can take responsibility for any imperfections (not that I could find any) and it was great [...]

One Egg

Our first egg arrived this morning! Hopefully there will be more.