New Garden Bed

Having filled up the raised garden beds I thought it was time to turn over some new, larger beds in the paddock behind the house. Luckily for us, it’s a funny shape that kind of sticks off another useful paddock so I’ve claimed it as garden and orchard space. The first garden bed is made [...]

Inside Chickenopolis

When I first posted the pictures of Chickenopolis, Roger asked for some inside pics. I finally got some snaps when I cleaned out the house this week (more compost!) So here are some pictures…and as for dimensions, I used 2.4mx1.2m sheets of ply so the length is 2.4, the height at the front is 1.2, [...]

New Compost Bin

Now we are stabling the old ponies at night, I have a new daily chore – mucking out the stables. In the permaculture spirit, waste from one process is a resource for another…you just have to figure out how to use it. In this case, I’m not picking up horse poo mixed with straw and [...]

Native Tree Planting

A few weeks back we picked up a dozen native tree seedlings – all desirable to birds. They have all gone in the garden bank at the back of the house. The more trees we plant here, the more shelter the vege gardens will eventually have. There are a few big areas of the farm [...]

Tree Lucerne in Flower

Our Tree Lucerne is bursting into flower. This will become a great source of Winter forage for the bees (we’ll be getting them in Spring). I’m establishing a nursery to grow a few hundred new Tree Lucerne each year as a nursery crop for all the native plantings we want to do. Tree Lucerne is [...]

The Ponies, Installed

Daemar and Jack on a sunny morning. They seem to be enjoying their new digs.

City cat doesn’t get it…

Schmoo, our nice but dim kitty has 46 acres of farm to use as his own personal litterbox, but it seems he can’t shake his city ways.