New chickens for the pot

They don’t look like much now, but in 21 days these beauties will be chicks. One of our old hens, Victoria is an excellent mum and she’s getting a bit broody so we thought we’d put her ample, feathery posterior to good use. We got a dozen fertile eggs from a local chicken breeder for [...]

Crispy Morning

We woke up to a very crispy morning today. This is the Tararua Range to the West of us – just beautiful! Thanks to Louise for taking the great pic.

The Twitter Experiment

Karen has been using Twitter for ages for a lot of her work around communities and technology stuff. I’d been reluctant to try it due to the fact I don’t spend enough time in front of the PC (although a few wet days soon put paid to that argument). Now I’m using it I have [...]

New Seed Potatoes

Here are the rest of the seed potatoes in various stages of sprouting. Aside from the Tui Swift we’ve already planted, we have a mix of early and main varieties including Cliffs Kidney, Rocket, Ilam Hardy, Agria, Desiree, Rua and five varieties of Maori potatoes we got from the farmer’s market. Dave and Anne kindly [...]

Wardrobe Upgrade

In our guest room we have a slightly wonky wardrobe. We assume it happened when the house was moved five years ago – the wardrobe isn’t square. You can see in these first two pictures, the angles at the corners don’t look quite right. The sliding doors don’t fit squarely and the cupboard at the [...]

Two more lambs today

We have two more bouncy lambs in the flock. I came out this morning to find one of the ewes had birthed triplets in the early hours but sadly, only two had survived. The survival rate for triplets without intervention is quite a bit lower than twins or singles and the lamb that didn’t make [...]

King’s Seeds Catalogue is out

The new King’s Seeds catalogue just arrived. Karen and I have been going through it, marking all the seeds we want to try this year. At the rate we’re going, it might be easier to mark the seeds we don’t want, and order the rest. I expect this will become a family ritual in years [...]

Garlic is up

The garlic we planted in the new garden bed a couple of weeks ago has poked its head up. We ended up planting about 10 metres of garden bed with garlic so there should be quite a bit come harvest time. Luckily we love garlic and with the amount of tomatoes I am planning to [...]

First Lambs!

Our Wiltshire ewes have started popping out their lambs and the first two arrived on Friday. It’s been the two older ewes that have lambed so far – I guess they are old hands at it by now and can probably pop out a lamb with a good sneeze. We have eight girls of mixed [...]