New Feijoa Hedge

To cap off our day in the garden we planted five feijoa seedlings in a sheltered corner of the garden. Hopefully in a couple of years we’ll have all the feijoas we need (which is a lot when you love them as much as we do).

Carpeting the Weeds

We had a very busy Sunday in the garden, carpeting over weeds and planting a bunch of new native trees. Here is a section of our native garden after I cut back the out of control weeds (yay spring flush). Next we laid old wool carpet pattern side down (to protect the plants from the [...]

Planting Comfrey

Not having any comfrey here at the new farm we mail ordered some last week. One kg of roots arrived in the post so today we planted it. Comfrey is fantastic stuff for composting or feeding to stock. It easily grows from sections of root and you can split it up each Spring to increase [...]

Rustic Sausage and Lentils

We were at the farmers market yesterday and picked up some Irish sausages. Karen decided to try a French-ish recipe for sausages and lentils and it was fantastic. Rustic Sausages and Lentils Ingredients: 2 tablespoons olive oil 1/2 cup diced carrot 1 medium onion, decided 5 cloves garlic, roughly minced 1 cup green lentils 2 [...]

The Barter Economy

I’m feeling a bit chuffed as I’ve just discovered another angle to our local barter economy. One of the flooring companies in town is happy to exchange trailer-loads of used carpet for baked goods, eggs, beer or whatever else we feel like donating. You might wonder what use is a trailer-load of old carpet, but [...]

Planting Poplars

We planted the first 40 poplar stakes today along the (almost complete) fence line beside the large house gardens. The ground is still soft enough to plant in and we still seem to be having enough weekly rain to keep them happy. This line will be kept trimmed to about 2m to encourage them to [...]

Easy seed planting

With the arrival of our King’s Seeds order, I’ve started Spring planting in earnest. The 2nd most useful gardening tool I have (after a dibber) is my bit of old broom handle. Making a small furrow in the garden bed by pressing down the dowel is the easiest way to sow seeds. It not only [...]

Garden Diary 24th September

Planted: Beetroot – Detroit Red x2 rows Carrot – Berlicum x2 row Carrot – Purple Dragon x2 rows Cavallo Nero – x1 row Leek x2 rows

Building Raised Garden Beds

Spring is here and we are about to start planting up the garden beds again. Someone asked about building the beds so now seems like a good time to document how we did it. We started in January with a bare patch of gravel behind the house that faced North, ensuring all day sun. Luckily [...]

300 Poplars to plant

This is what 300 poplar stakes look like. We’ll be planting these around the farm over the next couple of weeks to provide shelter from wind and sun to the animals and pasture.