Planting Strawberries

We got 32 plants from our local nursery at the farmers market about a month ago. The plants sat outside hardening up through a few cold weeks before we got around to planting them. A big strip of carpet covers the whole bed and we just planted through holes cut at regular spacings. The carpet [...]

Garden Diary 28th October

Planted today: Beetroot – Chioggia x12 Beetroot – Detroit x12 Broccoli – Tender Stem x6 Broccoli – Rapini x6 Broccoli – De Cicco x12 Broccoli – Raab x12 Capsicum x12 Carrot – Nutri Red x12 Carrot – Scarlet Nantes x12 Carrot – Purple Dragon x12 Carrot – Berlicum x12 Carrot – Touchon x12 Pumpkin – [...]

To My Best Friend

I lost my best friend yesterday but I kept the promise I made to him. I said if he was ever in pain and needed me that I would make the right decision, I owed him to end any suffering. Yesterday Jack slipped in the paddock and broke his shoulder.  It should have been the [...]

Garden Diary 24th October

Planted today: Borage x12 Capsicum – Bell Colour Mix x6 Capsicum – Cabernet x6 Capsicum – Jingle Belles x6 Chilli – Ancho St Luis x6 Chilli – Anaheim x6 Chilli – Serrano x6 Chilli – Pasilla Bajio x6 Chilli – Mulato x6 Pie Melon x6 Pumpkin – Triamble x6

Garden Diary 21st October

Planted today: Potato – Cliffs Kidney x24 Potato – Rocket x24


We have finally ended our year long broodmare hunt with the purchase of Caprice.  She is a Holsteiner Westphalian cross and very well bred.  She has come up to us from Ashburton, it took a few days but she is finally here! Her pedigree is available online here She is 7 years old and has [...]

Garden Diary 18th October

Planted today: Kale – Squire x6 Onion – Pearl Drop x12 Parsnip – Geurnsey x12 Salsify x6

New Potting Table

This table started life as a herb table a couple of years ago but I’ve recycled it with a bit of modification into a potting table. There’s room for potting mix, trays, pots and all the bits and pieces so there’ll be no more seed planting on the dining room table! Made from 75mm Macrocarpa [...]

New House Garden

This is the paddock behind the house that I’ve just turned into vege garden. It’s about 450 square metres so should provide plenty of space to grow all the veges we are planting at the moment. I started using a walk-behind rotary hoe. Fortunately it broke down and I ended up getting a tractor-mounted cultivator [...]

Pea Fritters

These are ridiculously tasty considering the healthy ingredients. They are great as an appetiser but if you double the recipe they can be a filling main meal if you feel the need for a healthy fry-up. Pea Fritters 2/3 cup frozen peas, blanched 1 400g can of chickpeas, rinsed and drained 2 tablespoons chopped chives [...]