The Poplars are Taking Off

The poplar poles we planted a few weeks back have started to sprout. It was a bit of a leap of faith to hammer a stick into the ground, hoping it would turn into a tree but sure enough, sprout they did. The poles extend about 70cm above ground level so this new growth is [...]

The Comfrey is Sprouting!

The comfrey roots we planted a couple of weeks ago are starting to sprout. We were worried it had gotten a bit dry before it went in, but it seems to be doing fine. So far the chickens have ignored it.

Making Ciabatta

I love ciabatta (pronounced Cha-Bata) for its crusty outer and soft, chewy interior. It is fantastic fresh and toasts up a treat. My new part time bakery job inspired me to try making some at home. I’d always thought it too tricky for home baking, but while ciabatta is a bit fiddly, it’s not beyond [...]

Garden Diary 14th October

Planted today: Bean – Roquefort x12 Bean – Borlotti Fire Tongue x12 Bean – Purple Tee Pee x12 Cucumber – Lemon x4 Cucumber – Marketmore x4 Cucumber – Green Dragon x4 Eggplant – Kermit x4 Eggplant – Asian Bride x4 Eggplant – Long Purple x4 Pea – Carouby x12 Pea – Progress x12 Pea – [...]

Raspberry Plants

We picked up some raspberry plants from a local grower and put them along a stretch of fence by the chicken house (but safely out of reach). They are planted into holes in a piece of carpet to keep moisture in and weeds out. Next year we’ll have to cut the carpet back a bit [...]

Garden Diary 12th October

This is just an easy way for us to keep track of what we are planting and when. It may not be the most compelling reading but if you’re a garden geek like me, you might enjoy seeing what we are planting. 12/10/08 Asparagus – Mary Washington x12 Bean – Top Crop x6 Broad Bean [...]

Easy Spring Planting

It’s time to get a lot of the spring planting underway. We convinced Nick and Louise from down the road to help us plant up a load of seeds. It’s amazing how hard the girls will work when bubbles are involved :) You can see all the paper plant pots on the table. Planting central [...]

Make Your Own Planter Pots

I knocked this device up a few years ago after seeing the concept on the web. It lets you use strips of newspaper to make planter pots for seeds. The idea is, you fill the pot with soil and a seed, and when it is ready to plant you just bury the whole thing in [...]

Cows and Kid’s Toys don’t mix

I hope our cows never try this…lovely image from failblog

Garden Diary 3rd October

Planted today: Broccoli – Tender Stem x 8 Broccoli – Rapini x 8 Broccoli – De Cicco x8 Cauliflower x8