Garden Diary 30th November

Planted today: (seedlings) Spaghetti Squash x11 Squash – Partial Eclipse x7 Pie Melon x5 Broad Bean x7 Snap Peas x9 Cauliflower x4 Broccoli – various x12

Baby Update

Well its about 24 hours since we posted the arrival of our newest addition to the farm.  Trust me when I say its been a very long 24 hours because we have seen pretty much every single one! Babe is still without a name but we have made some progress on other fronts.  She was able [...]

Birth Announcement

Got a bit of a surprise! Simone decided that her baby was not going to be a Christmas baby after all and that we should get our present today. She has given us a very lovely chestnut filly, with a nice star in the middle of her forehead.  I am hoping she will actually go [...]

Accident-proof Water Tank

This is the main water tank for the farm troughs, gardens, trees etc. It holds 15,000 litres when full but when a horse or cow trips over a pipe it tends to hold zero water fairly quickly. After finding an empty tank last night it was time to fix the problem. I needed a system [...]

Garden Diary 24th November

Today I planted out a good chunk of our curcubits – Buttercup Squash, Triamble Pumpkins, Marina di Chioggia and our heirloom sweet corn from Koanga (Golden Bantam, Inca Rainbow and Early Gem). I was really impressed with the germination rate of the Koanga corn – almost 100%. The wind was picking up so I made [...]

Garden Diary 23rd November

The Cliff’s Kidney and Rocket potaotes are going nuts this week. They’ve been mounded up once already but need some more soil. To the left are rows of Rua, Desiree, Jersey Benne, Ilam Hardy and Red Rascall – they have just started sprouting through. Houston, we have water. I finally got around to plumbing in [...]

Friendly Lawnmowers

Our 12 acre back paddock was getting out of control so thanks to neighbour Andrew, we have the services of 20 cows and 200 sheep for a couple of weeks to get the grass under control. The horses are all looking very well and the last thing we want is ponies exploding.

Garden Diary 19th November

Planted today: Seed Potatoes – Rua x25 Seed Potatoes – Desiree x25 Seed Potatoes – Red Rascall x15 Seed Potatoes – Random Maori Potatoes x18

DIY Worm Farm

We’ve wanted a proper worm farm for ages but it wasn’t until we spotted an old bath pretending to be a water trough at Nic and Lou’s place that I put in the effort to make one. I had some left over 40mm thick pine from the stables fit out and scrounged a few left [...]

Garden Diary November 18th

Planted today: Bean – Top Crop x12 Cavallo Nero x6 Celery x6 Leek – Musselburgh x12 Marigold x12 Onion – Stuttgart Long Keeper x24 Parsnip x12