Garden Diary 16th November

Planted today: Corn – Golden Bantam x28 Corn – Early Gem x44 Corn – Rainbow Inca x41 (packets all had random amounts of seed) Rosemary x50 Potato – Jersey Benne x16 Potato – Ilam Hardy x24

Mini Greenhouse

We got this little kitset greenhouse online for growing up a few seedlings. While it’s pretty flimsy and doesn’t like wind it does a pretty fair job. Here it is full of the current crop of seeds. The next photo is all the seedlings that have just come out, hardening off before we plant them.

The Paddock Vac Has Arrived

For those wondering “what the heck is a paddock vac for”, well it’s a vacuum for the paddocks – more specifically the manure in the paddocks. This one is powered by a Honda 4 stroke 50cc engine and stores about a half a cubic metre on board. The two main reasons for using it are: [...]

Garden Diary 11th November

Planted today: Agria seed potatoes x 50

Garlic vs Weeds

The garlic we planted back in July is growing well, despite some competition from the local grass. With hot days coming I’m tempted to leave the grass to provide some shade but we’ll see how the garlic fares.

Tree Lucerne Nursery

We’ve been collecting tree lucerne seedlings as we find them around the farm and assemnling a bit of a nursery. For many reasons, Tree Lucerne is the perfect tree for farms (or small blocks). So far we’re up to about 60 trees in the nursery but I think we’ll need 100′s over the coming years. [...]

Garden Diary 2nd November

Planted today: Corn – Cheiftan x48

Planting Beans

I built theses tepees form bamboo stakes and twine – nothing fancy, just a platform for the beans and peas to climb. These are bush bean varieties – they will fill the entire bed when fully grown.