My new favourite pizza

Last night was our Friday pizza night (semi-traditional now). The wood-fired bakery I work at part time does an amazing pizza with sour cream, bacon, spring onion and caraway seeds I have tried to replicate. The result was pretty tasty and for a purist like me to stray from margarita or marinara means it might [...]

Garden Diary 24th April

Planted today: Cabbage – Golden Acre x9 Cabbage – Savoy x12 Cabbage – Toscana x6 Cauliflower x9 Cauliflower – Violet Sicilian x9 Broccoli – Romanesco x9 Broccoli – Tender Stem x24 Broccoli – Rapini x12 Broccoli – De Cicco x12 Broccoli – Marathon x12 Broccoli – Samurai x12

Winter planting

With Autumn well and truly upon us it’s time to get more winter veg in the ground. Aiko and Fizz the helpful gardening cat are filling planter pots for all the seedlings to come. Some of the seedlings waiting to go out in the garden. Aiko planting brassicas in the beds where the potatoes were. [...]

Bottling Quinces

Our friends Brian and Carol down the road were kind enough to give us a few bags of quinces while their tree was full of fruit. We had made some delicious quince preserve last year so we thought this year we’d scale things up a bit. We ended up calling every pot in the kitchen [...]

Potato Harvest

We’ve just dug up the last of the potatoes and collected 103kg this weekend. Including the ones we’ve already eaten, our total potato harvest weights are: Agria – 30kg Rua – 11kg Ilam Hardy – 15kg Desiree – 15kg Rocket – 15kg Cliff’s Kidney – 15kg Jersey Benne – 15kg Red Rascall – 9kg Maori [...]

Playing with Dave’s reprap

This post should help restore some geek balance to the “farmgeek”. We had the pleasure of a visit from our friend Dave this weekend and as a result of some logistical issues I was lucky enough to have possession of his reprap for a few days. What is a reprap? From the reprap Wikipedia article: [...]

Hot Cross Buns

This recipe is from Tim Allen’s Book – The Ballymaloe Bread Book and it will put you off store-bought buns forever. It’s a little bit of work but well worth the effort. Hot Cross Buns Ingredients 25g fresh yeast 1 Tablespoon castor sugar 50ml warm milk 450g bakers flour (assume high grade flour here) pinch [...]

Scrumping apples

We have a lot of wild apple trees in our road and they were laden with ripe fruit so we harvested some for the larder. The plan was to process and bottle them all for cooking through the winter but some of them turned out to be quite nice to eat. The pigs will get [...]