Storing Potatoes for the Winter

The abundance of spuds we harvested is now awaiting consumption in my very cold workshop. Don’t worry little spuds, you’ll be warmed up in a variety of delicious ways soon enough.

Eating Local

This meal is the epitome of what we’re striving for – 100% food self sufficiency. Lamb chops from our paddock with home made spicy tomato-chilli relish, our mashed potatoes and a helping of spaghetti squash. Washed down with my home-brew beer, it was a very satisfying meal on many levels.

New Pig House

Our weaner pigs have been growing pretty quickly so it was time for them to have some more permanent accommodation. Their first house was this hastily built hay bale house. It worked out really well with great insulation and it was very easy to build and expand. All we needed was some old bales of [...]

Planting Broad beans

Karen’s planter pot system is working a treat with these broad beans ready to go in the garden. We thought we’d try planting a few before winter as we’d read a sneaky pre-winter bed can be up and producing much earlier in the Spring than starting from scratch then. We’ll see in a few months [...]

Fresh Bread

The wood range is well and truly part of the family after six months of continuous use. It has proven itself a winner for any cooking from the most delicate sponge or shortbread to roasts and bread. It probably gets used for bread more than anything come to think of it. My latest favourite bread [...]

Sorting Firewood

We are lucky to have neighbours with large properties (and trees). There always seem to be trees around to put away for winter firewood. This is one small piece of a tree I was able to get to. Luckily, most of the wood we collect has been down for some time so is well on [...]