It’s Snowing!

We had blazing sunshine this morning, now it’s snowing this afternoon. While living in a winter wonderland is lovely, it’s quite cold right now. These pics are taken from inside – if you want exterior shots feel free to come over and grab them yourself :-) The lawn and surrounding paddocks. The car in the [...]

Pony sleep-in

You can tell it’s winter on the farm because the old and precious ponies get pampered in the stables at night. This is early on a sunny morning as I come to take them out to their paddock for the day. Daemar and Simone have it pretty easy if you ask me. Here’s the pile [...]

New calves have arrived

These ten beauties are our new beef calves. They are Angus Charolais cross and should prove to be both chunky and delicious in another 12 months or so.

Local Frittata

I was hunting through the recipe books for potato recipes as we seem to be eating them for every other meal to get through the glut (it’s a tough job eating seasonally and local, but someone’s got to do it). Frittata caught my eye and as I worked my way throught it I realised we [...]

First snow of the Winter

It was quite cold last night – we had a fair bit of snow. To our Auckland friends, complaining about the frost all I can say is “harden up!” :-) Morning gave us a beautiful view of snow on the Tararua Ranges.