Sookie in Spring

Our not so wee foal posing for the camera. You’d never know she had knee surgery or weeks of physio.

First cauliflower

You can tell it’s organic – there are weeds in the background. We had this with a delicious cheese sauce for dinner about ten minutes after this photo was taken.

Protecting bean seedlings

We had spent the afternoon planting and the wind was picking up so I put some straw bales on edge along the row to protect the larger bean seedlings. The smaller seedlings were quite happy nestled down in the wells we created in the mulch.

A wee bit of rhubarb

Karen is quite pleased with this harvest – mainly because she got to it before the chickens did.

A busy afternoon in the garden

Daniel and Kelly helping out in the (so far) chicken proof garden. Karen showing one way of planting basil seeds between the tomatoes. I’m sure there are others, but they wouldn’t be as fun to photograph. Here’s the end result. Half the beds planted up, composted and mulched. Off to a promising start for Spring.

Our bacon

I asked the butcher to leave our bacon loins whole this time so we could slice our own. Sometimes you just need stupidly thick slabs of bacon-steak. Now we can slice it how we like it, thanks to a smart TradeMe purchase by Daniel and Kelly. This piece is about a third of the loin, [...]