Some more earthworks

Having neighbours you can trade stuff with is great. We needed to get a race widened and smoothed out, a neighbour needed some hay – a solution presented itself. Last year when getting our hay raked we discovered the contractor couldn’t get through this narrow spot, so wider it goes. Here’s the finished product after [...]

New Year’s Ham

With so many family and friends visiting over the holidays we thought it smarter to cut our ham in half so it would last longer. This turned out to be a wise idea once we started eating it. This is the 2nd half of our 8.4kg ham from our own pigs. It tasted as good [...]

Happy Moo year

We’re looking forward to another exciting year on the farm, filled with discovery, fun and delicious food (shhh, don’t tell the cows). We’ve still got a way to go before our lifestyle is truly self sufficient, but the journey is certainly proving to be enjoyable.

New bee swarm

I came out to the garden this afternoon to find a swarm conveniently hanging on a tree lucerne branch. Bees usually swarm around Spring/Summer for a lot of different reasons but in this case I was just happy to have them so close and easy to capture. It’s a small swarm – maybe 3-5000 bees. [...]