Organic lawnmowers

The grass around the big garden is getting a bit out of hand (you’d think it was Spring) so Bree and Cammi are getting a few hours of lawnmower duty each day. They don’t seem to be complaining and their “emissions” are good for the grass.

The greenhouse seems to be working

The first test crops in the greenhouse are doing well, possibly too well – we’re eating lettuce every day to keep up with production (not that it’s a bad thing). The spinach and broccoli are doing great too, and we’ve just planted out a bunch of tomato, eggplant and chilli plants. In the middle row [...]

Ram pump maintenance

The ram pump had stopped working so I went to investigate. With all the torrential rain we had through Winter, the reservoir had completely filled up with debris washed down from the surrounding paddocks. A bit of spadework soon sorted that out. Luckily, the filter on the end of the intake pipe (inside the reservoir) [...]