3D Printing replacement parts for a camera

My friend Eddie asked if I could print a replacement part for his old, but mostly useful Nikonos camera. Like so many consumer items we have, for the want of a single part or two, it could be almost as good as new. It needed a new knob to turn the film advance winder, and I noticed (after a web image search) it needed a new cover on the film winder assembly. Here’s the camera pre-repair:

The first thing I had to do was design the replacement part. After a quick measure I used Google Sketchup as a quick and easy tool for 3D design from scratch. This is how the film-advance knob looked after a couple of iterations.

Time to fire up the Makerbot and print out the part! I used PLA plastic for the first test prints, mainly because I have plenty of it, and it just happened to be in the machine at the time :)

First prototype parts hot off the printer:

After two quick test prints and a few refinements to the design, I printed the final parts in shiny black ABS and fitted them to the camera. The winder cover on the left is super-glued on and the film-advance is attached with epoxy for a more robust join.

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