A busy afternoon in the garden

Daniel and Kelly helping out in the (so far) chicken proof garden.


Karen showing one way of planting basil seeds between the tomatoes. I’m sure there are others, but they wouldn’t be as fun to photograph.


Here’s the end result. Half the beds planted up, composted and mulched. Off to a promising start for Spring.


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  1. Roger Fitzsimonds Says :
    6 October, 2009 at 6:12 am


    What kind of fencing are yo using to chicken proff your garden( good luck on that by the way). It looks like plastic. We had to put of a 10 ft barrier where our compost area was because the chickens would get on top of the fence and fly over to the garden. So we made it to high for everyone but the bantams and they did no damage. So watch for young chickens that haven’t figured out they cant fly well.


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