A Cook’s Best Friend

I got my first Global knives about 8 years ago and have always said they were the most important part of the kitchen. This one is the latest addition to the set and it’s an absolute joy to use. I thought I kept my knives fairly sharp until I tried out a new one. I’d forgotten you can literally shave with them straight out of the box.

While it looks like a bit like a cleaver, it’s a vege knife and makes short work of the heavier prep work. The great thing about saving lots of money with homegrown food is that you can occasionally splash out with the kitchen budget. Even so, I’d better go make something extra special for dinner for the financial controller tonight.

In response to Ben’s question, this is the sharpener recommended by Global (mouse over for link). While the knives come from the factory with a literally razor sharp edge (I’ve shaved hairs with one) these sharpeners will get a Global knife ALMOST back to that but not quite. They have two ceramic wheels of different grades and the guide keeps the knife at the right angle to get the right set on the blade. If you were serious, a fine diamond hone would probably get your knife back to factory sharp (if you had the skill and technique as well). One last thing, you won’t be able to use the sharpener with any other knives due to the unique set angle of the Global blades.


  1. Rob Says :
    18 June, 2008 at 8:52 am

    Glad you’ve got that one… It’s probably *the* most used knife in my set. Good for fine chopping too – just hold it up on the blade… I trust the Financial Controller approved of the purchase ;)

  2. John Says :
    18 June, 2008 at 9:47 am

    Indeed – I’m discovering it’s really versatile. Grilled Salmon with roast veges seems to have sold the business case to the FC :)

  3. Ben Kepes Says :
    24 June, 2008 at 9:22 am

    I’ve been contemplating purchasing a set of global knives for years – they’re beautiful things (and making our own cheese and yoghurt is saving us enough a week to justify spending dumb amount of money on knives!)

    What do you use for sharpening yours? Oil stone and steel

    Great blog by the way – nice to see other opting out while opting in the way we do – hell there’s not much difference between the Wairarapa and Waipara!

  4. John Says :
    24 June, 2008 at 11:34 am

    Cheers Ben. I got my first set back when I had the disposable income to support such an extravagant purchase (as it seemed at the time). I was told to get a specific sharpener as it’s the only one recommended by Global. I can’t put a link here but I’ve updated the post with a pic and link.

    I did a cheese making course last year and as soon as I have a bit more spare time I’ll be getting into it in a big way. I already make our yoghurt but with the amount of cheese I eat, we’ll save a fortune once I make my own :)

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