Birth Announcement

Got a bit of a surprise!

Simone decided that her baby was not going to be a Christmas baby after all and that we should get our present today.

She has given us a very lovely chestnut filly, with a nice star in the middle of her forehead.  I am hoping she will actually go grey, I am not sure I can cope with a ginga baby!  Unfortunately baby has very contracted tendons so she is not able to stand and feed herself.  The vet has already been out as I write to do a stomach tube so we can get the very essential colostrum in to her.  So at the moment its hourly physio sessions to try and get her to unfold!

The sire is the gorgeous show jumping stallion Senator and mum is my favourite foundation mare Simone.  This is her last foal, she deserves a well earned rest after 4 babies I think!

We will update later on with the baby’s progress but now we need a name.  The only condition is that it needs to start with S.

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  1. Louise Says :
    26 November, 2008 at 9:33 pm

    Sophie, Sophia, Sabine, Sigrid, Silke – OK, I suck at this.


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