Bottling Quinces

Our friends Brian and Carol down the road were kind enough to give us a few bags of quinces while their tree was full of fruit. We had made some delicious quince preserve last year so we thought this year we’d scale things up a bit. We ended up calling every pot in the kitchen into action and had the wood range going for a couple of days to get through it all. We discovered the hard way that sugary quince syrup sticks to a hot oven when the pot is too full and it boils over. Here’s the preserving factory in operation.


The result? A boat-load of quince slices, quince and apple paste, quince juice and some super-reduced quince syrup the consistency of molasses. Look out for future recipes using all of these.


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  1. jennifer o'higgins Says :
    28 July, 2009 at 2:56 am

    We have lots of quinces and would love to know your methof of bottling the fruit.
    How do you prepare it, how long do you cook it and do you cook them in the jars
    or part cook first? Any information would be appreciated! Thank you!

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