Carpeting the Weeds

We had a very busy Sunday in the garden, carpeting over weeds and planting a bunch of new native trees. Here is a section of our native garden after I cut back the out of control weeds (yay spring flush).

Next we laid old wool carpet pattern side down (to protect the plants from the 70′s patterns) and cut slots for new and existing trees and shrubs.

Here’s the finished strip with a few new plantings. We’ll cover the carpet with mulch and while it takes a few years to rot away, the carpet will suppress all the weeds. We’ll need a few more trailer loads of carpet to finish this garden bed but it’s a start. Luckily the local carpet retailer is keen to see the old carpet they uplift recycled. It’s a win-win when you feel warm and fuzzy about recycling but still get to deal out some death to the weeds. Eventually the shrubs and trees will be big enough to crowd out the weeds. One of our older gardens needs almost zero weeding, it’s so densely covered with natives.

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