DIY Worm Farm

We’ve wanted a proper worm farm for ages but it wasn’t until we spotted an old bath pretending to be a water trough at Nic and Lou’s place that I put in the effort to make one. I had some left over 40mm thick pine from the stables fit out and scrounged a few left [...]

New Potting Table

This table started life as a herb table a couple of years ago but I’ve recycled it with a bit of modification into a potting table. There’s room for potting mix, trays, pots and all the bits and pieces so there’ll be no more seed planting on the dining room table! Made from 75mm Macrocarpa [...]

Solar Powered Shed

With the stables fit out finished it was time to finish off the solar power project for the shed. This is our first foray into solar power so we started small, modular and scalable. We really just wanted the ability to run lights and the occasional small appliance (like horse clippers) from the 3-bay shed. [...]

Carpeting the Weeds

We had a very busy Sunday in the garden, carpeting over weeds and planting a bunch of new native trees. Here is a section of our native garden after I cut back the out of control weeds (yay spring flush). Next we laid old wool carpet pattern side down (to protect the plants from the [...]

Wardrobe Upgrade

In our guest room we have a slightly wonky wardrobe. We assume it happened when the house was moved five years ago – the wardrobe isn’t square. You can see in these first two pictures, the angles at the corners don’t look quite right. The sliding doors don’t fit squarely and the cupboard at the [...]

Inside Chickenopolis

When I first posted the pictures of Chickenopolis, Roger asked for some inside pics. I finally got some snaps when I cleaned out the house this week (more compost!) So here are some pictures…and as for dimensions, I used 2.4mx1.2m sheets of ply so the length is 2.4, the height at the front is 1.2, [...]

New Compost Bin

Now we are stabling the old ponies at night, I have a new daily chore – mucking out the stables. In the permaculture spirit, waste from one process is a resource for another…you just have to figure out how to use it. In this case, I’m not picking up horse poo mixed with straw and [...]

The Ponies, Installed

Daemar and Jack on a sunny morning. They seem to be enjoying their new digs.

Stables Fit-Out Finished

Here are the finished stables. The only thing left to do is fill the bottom of the stalls with sawdust so we can install the old ponies. The rails are 200x40mm old man pine milled by Stu at Salvage Timbers. They did a great job for a fantastic price so if you need any untreated [...]

Stables Fit-Out

With Winter rapidly approaching I’ve been fitting our our 3 bay shed with stalls for the older ponies. As you can see, the biggest challenge is clearing out all the accumulated stuff – the wood, horse gear, wood, junk, and did I mention wood? The shed is mostly clear and I’ve put up some of [...]