Power cut? What power cut?

We are in the middle of a scheduled power outage thanks to our lines company. The last “planned” outage for maintenance we were supposed to have never happened, so I was a bit blase when the letter arrived announcing today’s outage. Someone new must be in charge because at 1:00pm exactly our power went off. [...]

Sorting Firewood

We are lucky to have neighbours with large properties (and trees). There always seem to be trees around to put away for winter firewood. This is one small piece of a tree I was able to get to. Luckily, most of the wood we collect has been down for some time so is well on [...]

The Heart of the House

It’s been a long time coming but our wood range is finally installed and working. More details soon, but here’s our first fire in preparation for our first wood-fired cup of tea.

Solar Powered Shed

With the stables fit out finished it was time to finish off the solar power project for the shed. This is our first foray into solar power so we started small, modular and scalable. We really just wanted the ability to run lights and the occasional small appliance (like horse clippers) from the 3-bay shed. [...]


With Winter approaching we took advantage of Karen’s parents visiting to enlist Anne into curtain making duties. We managed to get the entire house sorted, including four roman blinds – quite an effort. As chief measurer and cutter I can take responsibility for any imperfections (not that I could find any) and it was great [...]