Making compost lasagne

One of the key principles of both organic and permaculture farming is to minimise external inputs to your farming system. Given how important soil is to farming and gardening, growing your own soil is a great strategy. Autumn is an ideal time to get some compost put away for the coming Spring. Whether it’s to [...]

A wee flood

This is our neighbour’s place in the midst of the so-called “weather bomb”. Their usually small, tranquil stream had grown considerably.

3D Printed coffee grinder part

My friend Eddie has a small coffee grinder that has given him many years of faithful service but a broken part has rendered it less useful than it could be. I’m not sure what the official term is, but I’ll call it the sweeper. It’s the part that sweeps the ground coffee out to the [...]

First snow of the Winter

It was quite cold last night – we had a fair bit of snow. To our Auckland friends, complaining about the frost all I can say is “harden up!” :-) Morning gave us a beautiful view of snow on the Tararua Ranges.

Carpeting the Weeds

We had a very busy Sunday in the garden, carpeting over weeds and planting a bunch of new native trees. Here is a section of our native garden after I cut back the out of control weeds (yay spring flush). Next we laid old wool carpet pattern side down (to protect the plants from the [...]

300 Poplars to plant

This is what 300 poplar stakes look like. We’ll be planting these around the farm over the next couple of weeks to provide shelter from wind and sun to the animals and pasture.

Tree Lucerne in Flower

Our Tree Lucerne is bursting into flower. This will become a great source of Winter forage for the bees (we’ll be getting them in Spring). I’m establishing a nursery to grow a few hundred new Tree Lucerne each year as a nursery crop for all the native plantings we want to do. Tree Lucerne is [...]

A Pond is Born

We’ve got a little dip near a new track we’ve put in. It looked like it might collect water but this is the first time I’ve seen it wet. The lie of the land makes me think it’s an important collection point for run-off from about half the front bowl so we might have to [...]