Preserving Spring’s bounty

We are blessed with good friends and neighbours that give us food (knowing of course that we’ll reciprocate :-). This batch of preserving is red currants, rhubarb, plums and blackberries.We still have quite a bit more to process but Karen and Kelly did pretty well for an afternoon over the wood stove.

Scrumping plums

Much like the apple trees down our roadsides, there are plenty of plum trees too. This is the haul from a leisurely Sunday afternoon of scrumping with Karen, Daniel and Kelly. Look out for some plum preserving action soon.

BBQ ham steaks

I couldn’t resist some gloating over these. The Xmas ham was pretty tasty. BBQ ham steaks? Sensational.

New Year’s Ham

With so many family and friends visiting over the holidays we thought it smarter to cut our ham in half so it would last longer. This turned out to be a wise idea once we started eating it. This is the 2nd half of our 8.4kg ham from our own pigs. It tasted as good [...]

New bee swarm

I came out to the garden this afternoon to find a swarm conveniently hanging on a tree lucerne branch. Bees usually swarm around Spring/Summer for a lot of different reasons but in this case I was just happy to have them so close and easy to capture. It’s a small swarm – maybe 3-5000 bees. [...]

First cauliflower

You can tell it’s organic – there are weeds in the background. We had this with a delicious cheese sauce for dinner about ten minutes after this photo was taken.

A wee bit of rhubarb

Karen is quite pleased with this harvest – mainly because she got to it before the chickens did.

Our bacon

I asked the butcher to leave our bacon loins whole this time so we could slice our own. Sometimes you just need stupidly thick slabs of bacon-steak. Now we can slice it how we like it, thanks to a smart TradeMe purchase by Daniel and Kelly. This piece is about a third of the loin, [...]

New calves have arrived

These ten beauties are our new beef calves. They are Angus Charolais cross and should prove to be both chunky and delicious in another 12 months or so.

Local Frittata

I was hunting through the recipe books for potato recipes as we seem to be eating them for every other meal to get through the glut (it’s a tough job eating seasonally and local, but someone’s got to do it). Frittata caught my eye and as I worked my way throught it I realised we [...]