Garden Diary 24th April

Planted today: Cabbage – Golden Acre x9 Cabbage – Savoy x12 Cabbage – Toscana x6 Cauliflower x9 Cauliflower – Violet Sicilian x9 Broccoli – Romanesco x9 Broccoli – Tender Stem x24 Broccoli – Rapini x12 Broccoli – De Cicco x12 Broccoli – Marathon x12 Broccoli – Samurai x12

Potato Harvest

We’ve just dug up the last of the potatoes and collected 103kg this weekend. Including the ones we’ve already eaten, our total potato harvest weights are: Agria – 30kg Rua – 11kg Ilam Hardy – 15kg Desiree – 15kg Rocket – 15kg Cliff’s Kidney – 15kg Jersey Benne – 15kg Red Rascall – 9kg Maori [...]

Garden Diary 23rd February

Planted today: Shallots x24 Red Spring Onions x40 Spinach x6 Cavallo Nero x24 Kale x24 Beetroot (Chioggia) x 30 Lettuce x10

Garden Diary 30th November

Planted today: (seedlings) Spaghetti Squash x11 Squash – Partial Eclipse x7 Pie Melon x5 Broad Bean x7 Snap Peas x9 Cauliflower x4 Broccoli – various x12

Garden Diary 24th November

Today I planted out a good chunk of our curcubits – Buttercup Squash, Triamble Pumpkins, Marina di Chioggia and our heirloom sweet corn from Koanga (Golden Bantam, Inca Rainbow and Early Gem). I was really impressed with the germination rate of the Koanga corn – almost 100%. The wind was picking up so I made [...]

Garden Diary 23rd November

The Cliff’s Kidney and Rocket potaotes are going nuts this week. They’ve been mounded up once already but need some more soil. To the left are rows of Rua, Desiree, Jersey Benne, Ilam Hardy and Red Rascall – they have just started sprouting through. Houston, we have water. I finally got around to plumbing in [...]

Garden Diary 19th November

Planted today: Seed Potatoes – Rua x25 Seed Potatoes – Desiree x25 Seed Potatoes – Red Rascall x15 Seed Potatoes – Random Maori Potatoes x18

Garden Diary November 18th

Planted today: Bean – Top Crop x12 Cavallo Nero x6 Celery x6 Leek – Musselburgh x12 Marigold x12 Onion – Stuttgart Long Keeper x24 Parsnip x12

Garden Diary 16th November

Planted today: Corn – Golden Bantam x28 Corn – Early Gem x44 Corn – Rainbow Inca x41 (packets all had random amounts of seed) Rosemary x50 Potato – Jersey Benne x16 Potato – Ilam Hardy x24

Garden Diary 11th November

Planted today: Agria seed potatoes x 50