Garden Diary 2nd November

Planted today: Corn – Cheiftan x48

Garden Diary 28th October

Planted today: Beetroot – Chioggia x12 Beetroot – Detroit x12 Broccoli – Tender Stem x6 Broccoli – Rapini x6 Broccoli – De Cicco x12 Broccoli – Raab x12 Capsicum x12 Carrot – Nutri Red x12 Carrot – Scarlet Nantes x12 Carrot – Purple Dragon x12 Carrot – Berlicum x12 Carrot – Touchon x12 Pumpkin – [...]

Garden Diary 24th October

Planted today: Borage x12 Capsicum – Bell Colour Mix x6 Capsicum – Cabernet x6 Capsicum – Jingle Belles x6 Chilli – Ancho St Luis x6 Chilli – Anaheim x6 Chilli – Serrano x6 Chilli – Pasilla Bajio x6 Chilli – Mulato x6 Pie Melon x6 Pumpkin – Triamble x6

Garden Diary 21st October

Planted today: Potato – Cliffs Kidney x24 Potato – Rocket x24

Garden Diary 18th October

Planted today: Kale – Squire x6 Onion – Pearl Drop x12 Parsnip – Geurnsey x12 Salsify x6

Garden Diary 14th October

Planted today: Bean – Roquefort x12 Bean – Borlotti Fire Tongue x12 Bean – Purple Tee Pee x12 Cucumber – Lemon x4 Cucumber – Marketmore x4 Cucumber – Green Dragon x4 Eggplant – Kermit x4 Eggplant – Asian Bride x4 Eggplant – Long Purple x4 Pea – Carouby x12 Pea – Progress x12 Pea – [...]

Garden Diary 12th October

This is just an easy way for us to keep track of what we are planting and when. It may not be the most compelling reading but if you’re a garden geek like me, you might enjoy seeing what we are planting. 12/10/08 Asparagus – Mary Washington x12 Bean – Top Crop x6 Broad Bean [...]

Garden Diary 3rd October

Planted today: Broccoli – Tender Stem x 8 Broccoli – Rapini x 8 Broccoli – De Cicco x8 Cauliflower x8

Garden Diary 24th September

Planted: Beetroot – Detroit Red x2 rows Carrot – Berlicum x2 row Carrot – Purple Dragon x2 rows Cavallo Nero – x1 row Leek x2 rows