Garden update

With the odd summer weather, we ended up doing a lot of gardening later than planned this year. These (very) late potatoes, planted by Karen’s Uncle David are doing well, and if the current mild autumn continues we may yet get some decent spuds off them. They’re just about to get more soil mounded on [...]

Improvised bug shield

We had a great run through most of summer free of white butterflies (and their broccoli-eating caterpillars) but that run ended. This is our attempt to keep the butterflies off our tender brassica seedlings and I have to say it worked out pretty well for an impromptu solution. We used some old bird netting, some [...]

Garlic processed

Here’s the finished result of Karen’s hard work – garlic plaited and ready to dry. We ended up with eight big plaits and a whole lot of heads with no stalks attached. We’ll eat the singles first while the plaits can dry in the cool shed. The cleaning was quite laborious this year as the [...]

Garlic harvest

About six months ago on the shortest day (or not long after as I recall) we planted 200-odd garlic cloves. It looks like almost all of them have grown well and now it’s time to harvest. The tops are just starting to die back which is as good a sign as any they are ready. [...]

Broccoli aplenty

Despite the very unsettled spring weather (or more likely because of it) we’ve had our best year ever for brassicas. It seems that a cold, long winter killed off most of the white butterflies and the last few months of weird weather has disrupted the life cycles of those that survived. We’ve seen perhaps only [...]

We finally have a garden gate

I don’t usually get so excited about a bit of fencing but this one has been on my to-do list since we arrived. No more will helpers (or us) need to climb the electric fence to get to the back garden. Here’s the before pic of the fence line we used to traverse regularly. Like [...]

The honey flow has started

I snapped this little guy this afternoon on one of the tree lucerne. There are vast armies of bumble bees collecting pollen at the moment and very few honey bees. In fact I’ve seen exactly one honey bee so far this Spring. That will change when our new colonies arrive in November but until then [...]

First cauliflower

You can tell it’s organic – there are weeds in the background. We had this with a delicious cheese sauce for dinner about ten minutes after this photo was taken.

Protecting bean seedlings

We had spent the afternoon planting and the wind was picking up so I put some straw bales on edge along the row to protect the larger bean seedlings. The smaller seedlings were quite happy nestled down in the wells we created in the mulch.

A wee bit of rhubarb

Karen is quite pleased with this harvest – mainly because she got to it before the chickens did.