Ready for hay

We have been waiting for enough fine weather to cut hay for about a moth now. The grass is quite long enough to cut and with the alternating wet and hot days it is getting more ready every day. This is the view from the bottom of the airstrip (our hay paddock) down the valley.

Some more earthworks

Having neighbours you can trade stuff with is great. We needed to get a race widened and smoothed out, a neighbour needed some hay – a solution presented itself. Last year when getting our hay raked we discovered the contractor couldn’t get through this narrow spot, so wider it goes. Here’s the finished product after [...]

Post-hay regrowth

We left our grass to get quite long and dry before we cut hay this year. The horses don’t need the lushest feed during winter, just good roughage. As a result, the grass had a plenty of seed and it looks like the hay cutting has dropped a lot of that seed back into the [...]

Our First Hay

This was our first year cutting hay on the property so we had no idea what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised to find we had 500 bales from the two fairly small areas we cut. This turned out to be a pretty big job, but we had some great help from Nick, Louise (and [...]