A chicken waterer for chicken feed

We’d been looking for a while for a good solution to keeping the chickens well supplied with fresh, clean water. Constant access to fresh water is a big factor in chicken health and egg laying. Delivering them water is one thing, but if you’ve ever kept chickens, you’ll know how messy they can be. Their [...]

Organic lawnmowers

The grass around the big garden is getting a bit out of hand (you’d think it was Spring) so Bree and Cammi are getting a few hours of lawnmower duty each day. They don’t seem to be complaining and their “emissions” are good for the grass.

We have too many bantams

Updated: We’ve now found homes for them all – thanks for all the emails and comments. =============== We got a few broody bantam hens to incubate some eggs for us (the shavers we have are great layers but not so good at mothering). Unfortunately the bantams started sneaking off to have clutches of their own [...]

New pigs have arrived

We finally have our new batch of piglets. Having just arrived we’ve put them in the stables for a few days until they get used to us and learn where their food comes from. This will make them much easier to move around once they are out and about. After a couple of escapes from [...]

Cows love grass – who knew?

New grass day for the cows is their favourite day I’m guessing. Our girls are still putting on good weight being just on pasture this time of year. We could probably get them fatter faster if we gave them grain or palm kernel but why would you when they are perfectly evolved to eat pasture, [...]

New Year’s Ham

With so many family and friends visiting over the holidays we thought it smarter to cut our ham in half so it would last longer. This turned out to be a wise idea once we started eating it. This is the 2nd half of our 8.4kg ham from our own pigs. It tasted as good [...]

Happy Moo year

We’re looking forward to another exciting year on the farm, filled with discovery, fun and delicious food (shhh, don’t tell the cows). We’ve still got a way to go before our lifestyle is truly self sufficient, but the journey is certainly proving to be enjoyable.

New bee swarm

I came out to the garden this afternoon to find a swarm conveniently hanging on a tree lucerne branch. Bees usually swarm around Spring/Summer for a lot of different reasons but in this case I was just happy to have them so close and easy to capture. It’s a small swarm – maybe 3-5000 bees. [...]

Sookie in Spring

Our not so wee foal posing for the camera. You’d never know she had knee surgery or weeks of physio.

Pony sleep-in

You can tell it’s winter on the farm because the old and precious ponies get pampered in the stables at night. This is early on a sunny morning as I come to take them out to their paddock for the day. Daemar and Simone have it pretty easy if you ask me. Here’s the pile [...]