The Paddock Vac Has Arrived

For those wondering “what the heck is a paddock vac for”, well it’s a vacuum for the paddocks – more specifically the manure in the paddocks. This one is powered by a Honda 4 stroke 50cc engine and stores about a half a cubic metre on board. The two main reasons for using it are: [...]

Solar Powered Shed

With the stables fit out finished it was time to finish off the solar power project for the shed. This is our first foray into solar power so we started small, modular and scalable. We really just wanted the ability to run lights and the occasional small appliance (like horse clippers) from the 3-bay shed. [...]

Planting Comfrey

Not having any comfrey here at the new farm we mail ordered some last week. One kg of roots arrived in the post so today we planted it. Comfrey is fantastic stuff for composting or feeding to stock. It easily grows from sections of root and you can split it up each Spring to increase [...]

The Twitter Experiment

Karen has been using Twitter for ages for a lot of her work around communities and technology stuff. I’d been reluctant to try it due to the fact I don’t spend enough time in front of the PC (although a few wet days soon put paid to that argument). Now I’m using it I have [...]

Live Farm Cam Installed

Well it’s almost live. Every 30 seconds or so our wee web cam takes a pic of the farm. Normally it will be facing outside during daylight hours, but as it’s dark outside right now, Karen whipped up a pretty good impression of what’s out there for your viewing pleasure. The camera is a nifty [...]

New Look Lifeboat Blog

It wasn’t really my intention to spend a Saturday night (and much of Sunday) rebuilding the blog on a new platform, but stuff happens sometimes. What was supposed to be a simple upgrade of the Joomla platform turned into a nightmare. The new version didn’t support the older plugins (despite documentation saying it did) and [...]

The Weather Here

After much busyness, the blog is back up and we have about 6 weeks of entries to back fill. In the meantime, you can keep track of our live weather here . I’ll sort out a widget for the front page with a summary (and a breakdown of how I got it all working) but [...]

The Where

Here’s our Google Maps location