Wardrobe Upgrade

In our guest room we have a slightly wonky wardrobe. We assume it happened when the house was moved five years ago – the wardrobe isn’t square. You can see in these first two pictures, the angles at the corners don’t look quite right. The sliding doors don’t fit squarely and the cupboard at the [...]

When life gives you lemons (and snow)…

…you make a Gin and Tonic slushie! It was snowing this afternoon so Karen grabbed some snow and improvised. Clever girl. I think she needed a drink once she realised we now live in a place where it snows sometimes.

A Cook’s Best Friend

I got my first Global knives about 8 years ago and have always said they were the most important part of the kitchen. This one is the latest addition to the set and it’s an absolute joy to use. I thought I kept my knives fairly sharp until I tried out a new one. I’d [...]

Live Farm Cam Installed

Well it’s almost live. Every 30 seconds or so our wee web cam takes a pic of the farm. Normally it will be facing outside during daylight hours, but as it’s dark outside right now, Karen whipped up a pretty good impression of what’s out there for your viewing pleasure. The camera is a nifty [...]


With Winter approaching we took advantage of Karen’s parents visiting to enlist Anne into curtain making duties. We managed to get the entire house sorted, including four roman blinds – quite an effort. As chief measurer and cutter I can take responsibility for any imperfections (not that I could find any) and it was great [...]

Fiona’s Art

Karen’s sister Fi presented us with these three amazing paintings before she and Tom headed off overseas. They are the perfect addition to this large wall in the lounge and the toitoi design connects the inside of the house with the garden just outside.

Hi Dave!

Hair Today

I decided today would be haircut day. With the help of Lou’s clippers old hair became new hair (low energy, low care and summer-cool). Now the weather’s getting cooler, I still like the hair the same way and the budget pair of clippers I bought have paid for themselves twice over already in saved hairdresser [...]

Homegrown Xmas Decorations

Our cat Fizz loves to climb things, anything really. Clothes drying racks, humans and definitely trees. Here she is adding her own festive touch to our xmas tree.

It’s Officially Ours

Well we’ve gone and done it now! We went unconditional a few days ago so this is all officially ours. Let the planning, hoping and dreaming begin