A chicken waterer for chicken feed

We’d been looking for a while for a good solution to keeping the chickens well supplied with fresh, clean water. Constant access to fresh water is a big factor in chicken health and egg laying. Delivering them water is one thing, but if you’ve ever kept chickens, you’ll know how messy they can be. Their [...]

The finished Arduino wireless water sensor

Back at the end of 2009 I started playing about with an Arduino solution to monitor the water level in a water tank about 300m from the house. The tank isn’t visible from the house so a standard visual tank indicator wouldn’t work. In a nutshell, this sensor measures resistance through an array submerged in [...]

Ram pump maintenance

The ram pump had stopped working so I went to investigate. With all the torrential rain we had through Winter, the reservoir had completely filled up with debris washed down from the surrounding paddocks. A bit of spadework soon sorted that out. Luckily, the filter on the end of the intake pipe (inside the reservoir) [...]

Arduino water level gauge

A couple of months back I was lucky enough to win an Arduino starter kit from the folk at Mindkits. With the Christmas break upon us we’ve finally had some time to get our first project underway – a wireless water tank level gauge. Our main water tank for the farm is out of view [...]

Water ram pump

We are very fortunate to have a prolific spring on the property that supplies all the water we need. While we currently use petrol and diesel-powered pumps to move the water around the farm, we have always planned on using more sustainable methods.The first step is the installation of a water ram pump. Ram pumps [...]

Accident-proof Water Tank

This is the main water tank for the farm troughs, gardens, trees etc. It holds 15,000 litres when full but when a horse or cow trips over a pipe it tends to hold zero water fairly quickly. After finding an empty tank last night it was time to fix the problem. I needed a system [...]

A Pond is Born

We’ve got a little dip near a new track we’ve put in. It looked like it might collect water but this is the first time I’ve seen it wet. The lie of the land makes me think it’s an important collection point for run-off from about half the front bowl so we might have to [...]

New Water Tank

Our new water tank has just arrived – all I had to do was move it into position and plumb it in. The tank is on one of the highest parts of the farm, in an old fertiliser bin, used when the farm airstrip was still in use to crop dust the farm. It only [...]