A wee flood

This is our neighbour’s place in the midst of the so-called “weather bomb”. Their usually small, tranquil stream had grown considerably.

Snow Broccoli

Our poor wee broccoli in the kitchen garden braved the snow, but still tasted fine after it had thawed out.

It’s Snowing!

We had blazing sunshine this morning, now it’s snowing this afternoon. While living in a winter wonderland is lovely, it’s quite cold right now. These pics are taken from inside – if you want exterior shots feel free to come over and grab them yourself :-) The lawn and surrounding paddocks. The car in the [...]

First snow of the Winter

It was quite cold last night – we had a fair bit of snow. To our Auckland friends, complaining about the frost all I can say is “harden up!” :-) Morning gave us a beautiful view of snow on the Tararua Ranges.

New Potting Table

This table started life as a herb table a couple of years ago but I’ve recycled it with a bit of modification into a potting table. There’s room for potting mix, trays, pots and all the bits and pieces so there’ll be no more seed planting on the dining room table! Made from 75mm Macrocarpa [...]

Crispy Morning

We woke up to a very crispy morning today. This is the Tararua Range to the West of us – just beautiful! Thanks to Louise for taking the great pic.


This was the view outside this morning. The snow on our lawn had mostly melted overnight but the hills were a reminder that yes, we do live in a place where it snows sometimes…time to get more firewood I think.

When life gives you lemons (and snow)…

…you make a Gin and Tonic slushie! It was snowing this afternoon so Karen grabbed some snow and improvised. Clever girl. I think she needed a drink once she realised we now live in a place where it snows sometimes.

Live Farm Cam Installed

Well it’s almost live. Every 30 seconds or so our wee web cam takes a pic of the farm. Normally it will be facing outside during daylight hours, but as it’s dark outside right now, Karen whipped up a pretty good impression of what’s out there for your viewing pleasure. The camera is a nifty [...]

Perfect Autumn Day

After a light frost last night we’ve got this outlook this morning. Just beautiful, if still a little crisp.