With Winter approaching we took advantage of Karen’s parents visiting to enlist Anne into curtain making duties. We managed to get the entire house sorted, including four roman blinds – quite an effort. As chief measurer and cutter I can take responsibility for any imperfections (not that I could find any) and it was great to pick up a few sewing pointers on the way. I managed to whip up a few draft stoppers for some of the draftier doors.

The fabric was snaffled in Auckland on sale by Anne and it’s thermal lined so should make a big difference to winter warmth with some of our big windows. A huge thanks to Anne and Dave for paying such a productive visit.

The finished curtains (well some of them).

One of many pieces we cut out.

Our Masterton sweat shop team in operation (AKA Anne and Dave).

Draft stopper in action (covering a half inch gap under the door).

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