Easy seed planting

With the arrival of our King’s Seeds order, I’ve started Spring planting in earnest. The 2nd most useful gardening tool I have (after a dibber) is my bit of old broom handle. Making a small furrow in the garden bed by pressing down the dowel is the easiest way to sow seeds. It not only marks out the row nice and straight, but it compresses the soil slightly below the seeds. This allows capilliary action to wick more moisture from below to the developing seeds – lessening the need to water so much.

Today I planted a few rows of carrots and leeks alternating (they are good companions as the smell of each deters the pests of  the other), a couple of rows of beetroot and some cavallo nero, or black cabbage. They look a bit like a palm tree, with long curving leaves…but taste fantastic in traditional Italian cooking.

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