First Lambs!

Our Wiltshire ewes have started popping out their lambs and the first two arrived on Friday. It’s been the two older ewes that have lambed so far – I guess they are old hands at it by now and can probably pop out a lamb with a good sneeze. We have eight girls of mixed ages so hopefully there will be some more lambs fairly soon. When we got them in March they had already been with the ram so we weren’t exactly sure when the lambs were due. Next season we’ll plan it carefully so they will be born a bit nearer the spring.

They are very cute but don’t get too attached (or name them heaven forbid) as the girl lambs will grow the breeding flock and the boys will be going in the freezer. We’ve eaten some of our own lamb before (bought as a lamb) but these are the first ones born on the property. Look out for a taste report and some recipes in a few months.

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