Garden Diary 24th November

Today I planted out a good chunk of our curcubits – Buttercup Squash, Triamble Pumpkins, Marina di Chioggia and our heirloom sweet corn from Koanga (Golden Bantam, Inca Rainbow and Early Gem). I was really impressed with the germination rate of the Koanga corn – almost 100%.

The wind was picking up so I made each plant a wee wind bunker from spare soil to protect them from the Norwesters forecast to gust through tonight. Corn and pumpkins grow well together – the vines spread between the corn rows, shading the soil and preserving moisture.

Planted today:
Corn – Chieftain x46 (seedlings)
Corn – Early Gem x44 (seedlings)
Corn – Inca Rainbow x33 (seedlings)
Corn – Golden Bantam x28 (seedlings)
Pumpkin – Buttercup x10 (seedlings)
Pumpkin – Triamble x8 (seedlings)
Pumpkin – Marina di Chioggia x8 (seedlings)


  1. drift Says :
    24 November, 2008 at 11:29 pm

    nice, I planted some buttercup by my corn yesterday without knowing they’d be good companions. I suppose the same goes for melons and corn too huh? I read somewhere beans and corn were good together too.

  2. John Says :
    25 November, 2008 at 11:08 am

    I think anything that covers the soil will help the corn along with shade, moisture retention and weed suppression. You’re right about the beans too – corn takes a lot of nitrogen from the soil so legumes nearby will replace quite a bit if you dig them in when harvest is over.

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