Inside Chickenopolis

When I first posted the pictures of Chickenopolis, Roger asked for some inside pics. I finally got some snaps when I cleaned out the house this week (more compost!)

So here are some pictures…and as for dimensions, I used 2.4mx1.2m sheets of ply so the length is 2.4, the height at the front is 1.2, the width is 1.2…you get the idea :)

This is looking inside the half-front door that swings out.

Here is the left hand side, showing the egg boxes at the back. So far the girls are playing the game and 90% of the eggs I collect are in these boxes, with only a few on the floor of the coop.


  1. Roger Fitzsimonds Says :
    30 July, 2008 at 2:31 am

    Thats Awsome John. I assume the 2×4′s on the sides are the roosts. Did you entertain using 1in x1in wire for the flor so the litter etc, would fall to the ground for raking. I will send you pics of wha t I build as soon as I get the goat shed and pot bellied pig shelter made. keep up the great work. I follow your blog closely.


  2. John Says :
    30 July, 2008 at 1:28 pm

    Indeed Roger, the 4×2′s (as we call them down here) are for roosting. I read somewhere that chickens actually roost with their breastbone on the perch so prefer a wider surface. They definitely seem to like it this way as I get no droppings in the nesting boxes overnight and tidy piles under the roosts.

    I did look at floor options but decided on a solid base with straw to give them more protection from the elements. They often get under the coop in bad weather and I’d rather they were on clean ground than their droppings when it’s wet outside. It’s easy enough to collect the straw/manure mix and put it straight into the compost.

    Thanks for the comments and I’d love to see what you are building.

  3. Roger Fitzsimonds Says :
    1 September, 2009 at 9:42 am

    John i need an email address to send the chicken house pics. At least i thnk I do. Tell me how to upload the chickken house pictures.


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