King’s Seeds Catalogue is out

The new King’s Seeds catalogue just arrived. Karen and I have been going through it, marking all the seeds we want to try this year. At the rate we’re going, it might be easier to mark the seeds we don’t want, and order the rest.

I expect this will become a family ritual in years to come. It’s a great opportunity to plan not only what varieties you want to grow, but how much food you want from the garden through the year, and consequently how much garden space you’ll need. With our desire to be as food self-sufficent as possible, it looks like the gardens are going to keep growing for some time yet.

We’ve been Kings customers for years but this will be our biggest order by far. Considering the quality of the seed they sell and their passion for preserving heirloom varieties, their very reasonable prices are quite amazing.

Also worth an honourable mention is Koanga Gardens. Based in Northland, they are great advocates for preserving heritage plants.

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