Live Farm Cam Installed

Well it’s almost live. Every 30 seconds or so our wee web cam takes a pic of the farm. Normally it will be facing outside during daylight hours, but as it’s dark outside right now, Karen whipped up a pretty good impression of what’s out there for your viewing pleasure.

The camera is a nifty little Axis 2100 we got from a friend of Karen’s. It has it’s own built-in linux based web server and after a bit of fiddling about I got it to auto-upload pics to lifeboat. It has a whole lot of security and motion detection features but I haven’t played with them yet (perhaps another rainy day).


  1. Hugh Rose Says :
    22 May, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    Just to say thank you for such an informative website, found by accident. Much appreciated



  2. Chris Says :
    16 April, 2010 at 12:17 am

    Hi guys, just came across your website today ( 14/4/2010) my wife is going back to NZ in a few weeks to scout around for a acreage lot for us, I have read your profile and stuff on your site here, I can find little to disagree on, although I agree with peak oil ( I have been researching for 2 years on the subject ) I frankly think , we are headed for a collapse of the US currency and of course the Australian and NZ system with it.

    I think that there is a lag time of about 5 years, maybe less if Obama does nothing about the debt, there has to be a massive de leveraging of the US dollor.

    I keep daily reading survival Blogg and Matt Savinars peak oil page….

    Chris A from Australia

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