New Compost Bin

Now we are stabling the old ponies at night, I have a new daily chore – mucking out the stables. In the permaculture spirit, waste from one process is a resource for another…you just have to figure out how to use it. In this case, I’m not picking up horse poo mixed with straw and sawdust, I’m harvesting a free source of great compost. The three elements provide a pretty good balance of nitrogen vs carbon – they just need a bit of time together to show their potential.

The bin is built into the side of a bank near the stables so it’s easy to get to and gravity unloads the wheelbarrow for me each morning. The slatted sides allow plenty of airflow and when it’s full I can leave it to sit for a few months (and probably build another one judging by the rate it’s filling up). It’s fitting that the wood was left over from the stables fit out.

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