Planting Strawberries

We got 32 plants from our local nursery at the farmers market about a month ago. The plants sat outside hardening up through a few cold weeks before we got around to planting them. A big strip of carpet covers the whole bed and we just planted through holes cut at regular spacings. The carpet keeps weeds at bay, retains heaps of moisture underneath and best of all, keeps the fruit nice and clean when they emerge.

We spread a bit of dynamic lifter fertiliser in the planting holes before they went in and other than watering when needed, that should be it until the fruit starts.


  1. Katrien Says :
    7 March, 2009 at 4:11 am

    Hi John

    Great blog! I’m finding lots of advice on how to get our garden started. This post, for instance!

    We’ve been looking around for a cover like this to grow some of our veg and also to smother some weeds before we install our raised beds. And we’ve got lots of carpet in our basement from when we moved in… But aren’t you concerned about some chemicals leaching out of the carpet? Then again, if we use black plastic, it’s made of *plastic*, which is known to leach…. Aaargh, decisions!

    Thanks for the idea. i think we’ll try it.

  2. John Says :
    8 March, 2009 at 8:41 am

    Thanks for the comment Katrien.

    We thought about the leaching from the carpet, but compared to spraying herbicide or using plastic this seems no worse, and has the added benefit of keeping some more bulk from the landfill.

    We only use wool carpet so the fibres will eventually rot away – also useful for putting around new tree seedlings to keep the grass at bay,

    Your blog looks great – I’ll give it a proper look when I have more time, but I do like your reckoning of energy and waste.

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