The Twitter Experiment

Karen has been using Twitter for ages for a lot of her work around communities and technology stuff. I’d been reluctant to try it due to the fact I don’t spend enough time in front of the PC (although a few wet days soon put paid to that argument).

Now I’m using it I have to admit it’s quite compelling. The basic idea is you subscribe to micro-feeds from people you know or find. These “tweets” as they are called  are limited to 140 characters so you end up with lots of little messages from a variety of people. You enter your tweets based on whatever you are thinking or doing at the time and they go to everyone else you are connected to.

Much of the tweeting is quite specific, and as everyone has a different opinion of what’s worth tweeting about, not every bit will be relevant to you. Much like listening in to a dozen conversations at once at a cocktail party, little snippets here and there will jump out as relevant to you.

Most of my tweets are about the minutiae of daily farm life, but then some people find that stuff interesting. You can find me on Twitter under the username @farmgeek – feel free to tag along.

Using Twitter

The easiest way is to go to and sign up for an account. You can tweet, add feeds etc all through the web site. The other option (and by far better I think) is to install a Twitter client. I’m using Twhirl and love it. I’ve even managed to get it working under Linux but it did take a little bit of faffing.

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